Customers Testimonials

Emily H. Testimonial #1

“Top of India is a culinary gem. With flavors that authentically embody Indian cuisine, our restaurant is a must-visit for those seeking the true essence of Indian food. Impeccable service adds to the experience, making every visit memorable. Come indulge in a delightful journey through the rich tapestry of Indian flavors – a hidden gem awaiting discovery in the heart of Spokane Valley!”

Alex M. Testimonial #2

“Indulge in the extraordinary with Top of India's Butter Chicken – a culinary masterpiece that transcends expectations. As a seasoned explorer of Indian cuisine, I can unequivocally declare this dish as the absolute best. The staff's expertise and friendliness amplify the dining pleasure, while the cozy ambiance provides the perfect backdrop for a truly delightful experience. At Top of India, every bite is a journey into unparalleled flavor and hospitality.”

Sarah W. Testimonial #3

“As a vegetarian, I am genuinely impressed by the diverse vegetarian offerings at Top of India. The Vegetable Korma, in particular, is my absolute favorite – a delightful symphony of richness, creaminess, and explosive flavors that dance on the palate. Top of India stands as a haven for vegetarians, offering an authentic Indian culinary experience that caters to discerning tastes and elevates the appreciation of flavorful vegetarian dishes.”

Mark D. Testimonial #4

“Top of India is our cherished family dining destination, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for memorable gatherings. The fantastic cuisine, served in generous portions, has made it our go-to place for dinners. Highly recommended for families seeking a delightful dining experience, where every meal becomes a cherished moment shared together. Join us at Top of India and create lasting memories with your loved ones through the joy of authentic Indian cuisine.”

Jessica L. Testimonial #5

“Top of India distinguishes itself among Indian restaurants with its impressive attention to detail in every dish. What truly sets us apart is our dedicated staff's commitment to exceeding expectations, ensuring each dining experience is memorable. We go above and beyond to create an atmosphere where the richness of Indian flavors is matched only by the warmth of our hospitality. Discover the difference at Top of India – where exceptional dining is an everyday affair.”

Ryan S. Testimonial #6

“Indulge in the culinary masterpiece that is our Chicken Tikka Masala at Top of India. The impeccable balance of spices and flavors showcases our commitment to setting the bar high for Indian cuisine in Spokane Valley. At Top of India, we take pride in consistently delivering an exceptional dining experience that transcends expectations, inviting you to savor the divine essence of authentic Indian flavors with every delectable bite.”

Amanda R. Testimonial #7

“Top of India surpassed all my expectations. The staff's friendliness and efficiency ensured prompt service, elevating the dining experience. The authentic and delicious food left me eagerly anticipating my next visit. I'm excited to return for another memorable dining experience, savoring the exceptional flavors and warm hospitality that make Top of India a standout in Spokane Valley.”

Kevin B. Testimonial #7

“For devoted enthusiasts of Indian cuisine, Top of India stands as a must-visit haven in Spokane Valley. The incredible flavors, true to the roots of Indian culinary traditions, distinguish this restaurant. Beyond the exquisite food, it's the welcoming staff that sets Top of India apart, creating an atmosphere that feels like a home away from home. Without a doubt, Top of India has become my cherished go-to Indian restaurant in Spokane Valley.”

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